• Denise Morman

Do We Need Blogs with Dogs?

As if we do not have enough to do in a day. Go to work to earn the money to support the dogs, come home and feed, care for and clean up after the dogs. I just feel like there are not enough hours in the day the way it is, but while we are spending all our time doing it right and not connecting with the general populace, guess what?!? The animal extremists and down right bad breeders are. They both spend a signifigant amount of time online, reaching out and “informing” every Tom Dick and Harry about the world according to them and if there is no corrective counter information how will they learn. There in lies the reason I am writing my first blog, of many, I do hope. There will be grammatical errors, there will be strong opinions about issues and it will not always flow with the beauty of a true author. I am not a writer but I am willing to try and share information that may help others. Until next time, time to let the dogs out.


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