• Denise Morman

Save the Bees and Good Breeders!

We all know why we need to work toward saving our endangered bee population. They are the life blood To human survival. Without initial pollination of the vast majority of plants and crops on this planet by those busy little workers we would all starve in very short order. I put this high on the scale of things we need to be concerned about saving. But why do we need to be concerned about saving preservationist, responsible breeders?

A purposeful bred dog was bred for a job and follows a pedigree of generations of dogs before it, that had done that Job or purpose well, and also the health and temperment was monitored and noted so that future generations could be improved. Those “good” breeders were not just putting together two dogs of the same breed, that had papers, or “history of champions”. Many times it is a real art to know which pedigrees are going to work together and which will not. There is a lot of study, a lot of work, and lot of stress. Generally done at a great cost financially, emotionally and socially on the breeder. The passion they have for it far overrides the negatives.....

A little over a week ago another preservationist breeder was illegally attacked in CT. An animal control officer falsely claimed abuse to obtain a warrant to enter and remove only her most valuable show dogs, leaving behind the small puppies and retired older dogs. Wouldn’t the most vulnerable be the first you remove if you were concerned about abuse and neglect?!?

These incidents are becoming so commonplace that it makes me wonder if it is worth it to continue? Under daily attack from not only animal extremists but even the public who have been completely brainwashed to adopt, don’t shop. You can only adopt, don’t shop for a little while before there are no more adopts left.... Retail rescues are shipping in dogs all the time now to have enough product to pedal.

Every time I have a bad day, or an owner contacts me that there is an issue with one of the puppies I have produced, which breaks my heart, it runs through my mind that it is time to just stop. Then I think about the pedigree and line that I have created, with the amazing help of very knowledgeable mentors in my breed, and I keep going. It is more about small positives and passion, than all the naysayers in the whole world.


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