My name is Denise Morman, I have been a student of the Doberman Pinscher for over two decades.  I am a proud member, in good standing, with the DPCA (15 years) & GTDPC (8 years)......

I will occasionally have puppies available.  My main goal is the preservation and protection of the purebred Doberman Pinscher.  I believe in full disclosure, health testing, careful pedigree selection & titling in AKC conformation before any breeding takes place.

The Doberman is a cropped and docked breed & all of our puppies are cropped & docked, without exception.

I do not support or endorse the breeding of the Albino/White Doberman, as it is a genetic defect.

Wishek North Dakota 

Welcome to DeMor Dobermans

Energetic, Watchful, Determined, Alert, Fearless & Obedient............

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